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Monday, July 05, 2010

"I loved Vessie Flamingo it is funny, witty, clever and spiritual, so full of meditation and levitation. Such an excellent read. Vessie is a character full of life, you love her immediately, her exploits are humorous, she is full of heart, she tells the truth and she names it, Vessie the Queen of the Jingles, Vessie the Healer, she knows the only right thing to do is heal, healing Rules. When Vessie talks to her inner child it seems perfectly natural. Vessie is a levitation lover, a dweller in a her world that is full of truth, she is a truth teller, a woman who lives by her own lights. Thank you Jerelyn for an amazing book that I could not put it down, you have a way with words. I inhaled the words the language, a great story full of wonderful characters, they still dance in my head, well done and thanks. Maria Duncalf-Barber Counsellor, Writer,Educator.

best wishes

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Saturday, January 16, 2010


Midwest Book Review calls Vessie a "charming, witty adventure of self-discovery."
Read the entire review at: Or:^AuthorID=40842. Just copy and paste into your URL. Yipperssss! Jerelyn


Thanks to Highlands Media Arts own, Tammy Rea, I now have writing excerpts from a whole bunch of shows I've written over the years uploaded to YouTube at: Animation: Thundercats, Silverhawks; CBC TV musical special "Clowns," my comedy radio show, "Fireside Stories from Lake WhaddyathinkImean," and some corporate live events and video. It's a bit under 4 minutes in length ... for your enjoyment. Big warm cheers on this brrrrrr and icy day in the north country.

Friday, January 15, 2010


PATTI-LOU ROBINSON, Haliburton, Ontario writes:
I loved your book. I loved Vessie. I could totally relate to her however I am not artistic; don't write jingles; don't fall pressure to any man; and wouldn't put myself in her situations. I am so glad that she finally met Mr. Right and lived happily ever after. I love when a story ends that way. Why not?! I really really loved your book. It made me laugh several times and I loved the main characters. It is so much fun to be immersed in reading and to go places you wouldn't normally go. I am sure that I will enjoy book number two...three...four.........when they are published.

PATI BAKER, Fountain Hills, Arizona writes:
I enjoyed reading Vessie because there's a little Vessie explorer in us all. Vessie made me laugh and cry and reminded me again of the important things in life...things we all tend to take for granted now and again.

I just finished reading "Vessie" and I'm truly impressed! The humor was so great. There are too many laughs to mention all of them here, but I will say that Lou running through the streets of NY to get to Vessie before she leaves for the island had me laughing hard. I love the story too. "Living authentically" is the ultimate goal for Vessie, but she finds herself doing things to keep herself from achieving it(in addition to others contributing as well), which I found to be so real. The book ended perfectly. I hope I'm not giving too much away in this review. Anyway, it was an ideal book for me to read right now, considering I have been thinking of making some changes in my life. Superbly written, Jerelyn. Thanks, Brett

I made some time early this morning ('round about 6:00 am) to start reading your book, "Vessie Flamingo", which I had picked up from the Post Office yesterday. And I cound NOT stop until chapter 18 (just moments ago). Even then I only stopped because I absolutely HAD to. Your book is so wonderfully written. And, strange as this may sound, it's as if I'm reading my own life story. There are so many similarities between "Vessie's" story and mine, it would be frightening if I didn't believe there is no such thing as coincidence! Well done, my dear. And many congratulations. It is witty and thoughtful and SO original in style. Namaste! Bonnie

I fell in love with Vessie in the first few pages. Every woman should read about this tenacious young lady who finds out what is important in life and pursues it for herself. It is a GREAT read.
I recently finished reading "Vessie" ... what a pager-turner! I can't wait for the sequel! The suspense is killing me! It is such a funny, entertaining, moving, uplifting and inspiring adventure. I just loved it. Thank you so much Jerelyn. You are a wonderfully gifted storyteller/writer. Needless to say, I've been spreading the word about "Vessie" as I want my friends to enjoy the ride as much as I did. WOW. I was so sorry to come to the end ... I want more, more, more!!!

Just finished Vessie. Loved it loved it loved it. When I hit the last 100 pages today, I cancelled going out to dinner. Thanks for your inspired creativity--fun and humor and fantasy. Love, Hermine

Vessie Flamingo embodies a character, sure to hit a home-run with everyone! Truly an adventure into self, it's a discovery of qualities we don't always share with everyone...even ourselves! Told in a witty, energetic style, this novel held my interest throughout, touched my heart and soul, and addressed issues that are often poo-pooed even by today's standards! Well-written in ways that catapult one's imagination, this character MUST be seen again. We MUST follow Vessie into other adventures. Jerelyn...stay on top of this one. She'll fly you to the moon...and back again! Hang on...and thanks for the wonderful ride!

I am a male and don’t usually read female authors. While I know this is an awful confession, Vessie made me do it. Well actually, it’s Vessie’s female alter ego Jerelyn Craden who I discovered lives in Canada and writes such beautiful, touching, real and important things through her main character, dear, sweet, wonderful Vessie.To quote another woman writer, Carole King, “winter, spring, summer or fall,” Vessie Flamingo Outshining the Moon is a great read and friend for all seasons.I was captivated by the rich, full characters, the fast paced plotting and the fun, funny, exciting adventures of our dear friend Vessie.This is a tour de force of adventure, self-discovery and universal realization. The book combines these hefty elements into a lighthearted, ecstatic escapade through the hills of Malibu, the streets of New York City, the avenues of Los Angeles and the small town where Vessie grows up and discovers her “special” and magical skills. From a male perspective this is not a book about gender, or even about the tension between the sexes, even though it is very much a love story. And from the first chapter, everyone will fall in love with Vessie.I am certain that most readers will not only enjoy this book through their laughter and tears of joy, but will sincerely wish that Ms. Craden will summon up her extraordinary “powers” in order to write the much desired sequel to Vessie Flamingo Outshining the Moon.

Just finished reading Vessie Flamingo and thought it was great. Would like to read a sequel sometime and see where else she flies to. Good luck with this one and anything you do in the future and hope you could come to the Chicago area for a book signing. Jo Ann

Bravo! Just finished reading Vessie at 2:30am. I think that says it all. This is a terrific story and once I picked it up I couldn't put it down. I've known Vessie for a long time and it's wonderful to see that she has finally matured into a wonderful read. I loved the story and especially the humor that Jerelyn creates all through this book. It reminds me a bit of the Perils Of Pauline but with a spiritual, psychic twist. Bravo to Jerelyn for the way she uses words to make her sentences so colorful. Om-mani-padme-hum

Cayle lent me your book and I ate it up wholeheartedly. I LOL, I cried, I got angry.. but all the while wishing for Vessie to have a happy ending. And she did in my eyes.. The story has reminded me to get back to my Self and to get back to practicing my own meditations.. I will also be passing on your link to others whom I know will love Vessie too. Thank-you for writing it, sharing it and next time we run into each other I would love to discuss the ending with you. Hope you are well and that Life is showering blessings upon you. Namaste ... Dawna

I must confess that I approached reading Vessie with the thought that this was going to be just another shallow Chick Lit novel. WOW! was I wrong. The characters are NOT cardboard, they are real...the plot is NOT obvious, it is well-crafted...the dialogue is NOT wooden but clever, humourous and, most of all, true to the characters. In fact this is such a well-written book that I am now reading it again.Vessie's long journey is really what we all face. She discovers her inner truth and finally realizes that only by acting on it will she find peace, contentment and her true purpose. This is a powerful message for all of us. Congratulations Jerelyn! Your writing style is unique and delicious.

P.S. I see Gwyneth Paltrow as Vessie. I'll think carefully about who should be cast in the other roles. I anxiously look forward to Vessie's further adventures and discoveries.

I loved Vessie. I totally related to her wanting to live her life the way she truly wanted. She made wrong choices but had the strength to get out of them. Her belief in finding her love and soul mate me cry. I am finding out now in my life that if you want something badly enough you should go for it no matter what anyone else says to you.

As marvelous and compelling as "One Thousand and One Nights" but more illuminating. An inspiring metaphor for unlimited human potential.

Just finished it today, and I loved it...enjoyed a great read, a wonderful heroine, smart and funny and searching and real. It's just terrific and I wish you great success with it because a lot of people should get to enjoy your wonderful fantastical, informed and thoughtful beautiful novel. You have dealt with sooo much of what it means to be a woman NOW. You have described the difficulties and illuminated a spiritual journey that makes seven League boots and flying carpets part of our imaginative perimeters. Thank you and Love. Cayle

Congratulations, wow what an accomplishment. I haven’t read a novel in a really long time. I took Vessie on my holiday to the cottage and read it in the first 2 days because I couldn’t put it down. I loved it all, especially the levitating and running into stuff and the conversations with her inner child. Amazing for you to have taken on such a task and completed it so beautifully. And a sequel, what a good idea!

I loved your book, Jerelyn. It made me laugh out loud many times, but even more, it made me feel Vessie's world. It caught me by surprise when a friend called (as I was part way through your book) and she asked after a couple minutes into the conversation, what was up with me. I hadn't realized 'til that moment that I was in a twilight zone between Vessie's "book reality" and "my reality."I read your book over the course of two days and part of me wanted to hurry on so that I could find out how life was to go for our friend, Vessie; but the wiser part of me knew enough to take my time to savor the wisdom, humor, struggles and discoveries of our heroine. One doesn't chug down a bottle of fine wine. Likewise, a speed-reading of Vessie would miss the new eyes with which you paint her world, or the gems embedded in her subtle understanding of things.I liked that Vessie didn't settle for the carrot or seeming "best choice" in her quest for being her whole self. She reminded me that I have inner promptings and vision, and that the challenge is: Do I live my truth and discover the work, spiritual path and love that makes my heart sing?Like Vessie, I have a rich spiritual/psychic life that I have variously pushed down, set aside or neglected to share because in the material world, it has been seen as weird woo woo stuff. We don't get burned at the stake for it right now, but the price for sharing can feel very high. Like her, I am striving to surround myself with people who "get it" or at the very least, honor that part of me.

Vessie Flamingo is a thoroughly refreshing, satisfying read. It's funny, poignant, and kept me on the edge of my seat. I cared about this character. She reminded me of how different in so many ways I have felt at times in my life. Of dreams I've had that I've pushed down. I've made the same mistakes more than once, as she did...until "enough" was the result. She reminded me to take a look at my life and ask myself: Am I doing what I want? Am I living authentically? What do I really want to create? What do I have to change in my life to be truly happy? I have to say, I laughed as much as anything. Jerelyn Craden truly is a wonderfully clever, witty writer with enough insights about life to make me want to invite her to tea. I am definitely going to suggest Vessie Flamingo Outshining the Moon to my book group. It's rich with subjects that I'm sure will engage us all in profound and entertaining conversations.

I laughed, cried, and couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen to Vessie next.
Her journey felt so similar to my own in so many ways. I'm also in the work force trying to keep my integrity and walk my spiritual lessons. I've read numerous non-fiction books on self-discovery and empowerment, but this was so refreshing because it made me look at my life with new eyes, and did it in a way that was fun, inspiring, and even instructional. I have recommended "Vessie Flamingo" to several friends who are reading it, and we plan to discuss it at our next book group.

I finished the book and let me say that I loved it. There were times where I was frustrated with Vessie tolerating so much from the men in her life but I know that that is the course she needed to take in order to find herself. I related to the meditation because I had just started meditating myself and it was interesting to know in real life you can step out of yourself....this is and was enlightening to read. It opened new doors for me. Also, how she got involved with a celebrity and how he was selfish enough to hold her back but then she found the courage to go against that. I don't want to encounter that type of control here in California so that makes me feel I have choices too. I am so happy that she found the love of her life who appreciated her for everything she was. I hope to find a man like that someday....I completely related to the character. Thank you.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


* Kindly disregard the posting date of Aug. 15. It's a technical glitch I'm trying to resolve. The following information is current as of November 2, 2006.

On Sunday, November 19, from 2:00 - 3:30 pm, I'll be reading excerpts from Vessie, and discussing sibling rivalry, our Inner Child, the Toxic Boss from Hell, intimate relationships and the importance of living authentically, at JAVA MAMA, Toronto.
So, if you're in the city on the 19th, COME JOIN THE FUN!

ENJOY BOOK SIGNINGS, FAIR TRADE COFFEE, delicious hand-made BAKED GOODS, and an eclectic fun-filled atmosphere of caring and goodwill at Susan Oppenheim's refreshingly unpretentious JAVA MAMA, 1075 Bathurst Street, 1/2 book south of Dupont.
RSVP, as seating is limited at:
Or phone Java Mama before noon daily at: 416 588-5282.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Readers can now shop for Vessie in local Toronto bookstores: Toronto Women's Bookstore, 73 Harbord Street; WonderWorks, 79A Harbord Street; Book City Annex, 501 Bloor St. West; This Ain't the Rosedale Library, 483 Church Street. Also, in Kleinberg at Artemis, 10480 Islington Avenue, Unit #10, in Orillia at WindSpirit Wonders & Wisdom, 33 Mississaga Street, Unit #1., and in Thornbury at Jessica's Book Nook, 21 Bruce Street. Also available on order at all major bookstores; and, at all major online booksellers in North America, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, and Japan. Yippperrrsss!

By the way ...

A lot of conversations I'm having these days seem to be about a sense of urgency -- a gripping feeling that being guided by your heart is now the way to go -- your head is told to behave or take a back seat. We're finally conscious of its relentless monkey chatter that tries to convince us that paper tigers are real. The good news: we are becoming clearer, more discerning, more accepting of ourselves and others and we are no longer paralyzed by the fear of change.
Namaste, Jerelyn